Guide to the electronic cigarette

What is the electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette consists of a rechargeable battery and an atomizer (or inhaler) that vaporizes an aromatised liquid with or without nicotine. The percentage of nicotine can vary according to the user's needs. The atomizer is known with the English name of "Personal Vaper" (PV) and is equipped with a resistance that is activated manually or automatically depending on the battery model to vaporize the liquid. The aromatic liquid is contained in a filter-cartridge which mounts on the atomizer and is released gradually. The liquid can be refilled manually by adding the aroma into the cartridge or by mounting cartridges ready for use. The electronic cigarette often differs in shape and volume from the classic "analogue cigarette", having to satisfy the need for autonomy and performance. E-cigarettes are a modern way to replace smoking by avoiding its harmful effects without giving up nicotine. Aromatic liquids, even without nicotine, contain ingredients considered safe and also used in the pharmaceutical or food industry; in cigarette smoke, however, so far have been found 5,300 toxic and / or carcinogenic elements. In reality, what causes the most damage in the traditional cigarette is the combustion of highly toxic substances (tar, carbon monoxide, etc.)

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The battery supplies the atomizer with a resistance which, by heating, evaporates the aromatic liquid contained in the cartridge filter.